AssetVision is a modular, flexible Software as a Service data application for managing assets and data, turning it into useful information tailored for any business operations need. AssetLink’s web application deploys a widget-based architecture that allows for rapid customization and integration with new hardware variants to fit customer requirements .  The system is business-rule based, meaning it can be customized to constantly search for the data and the out-of-spec conditions that matter.

Easy-to-use API's are also available to interface with partner data systems and software solutions that face the ultimate customer.

Comprehensive Mapping, Reporting, and Alerts
Partners have access to all AssetVision features included with their service, and an API to link to their data application. New features are added constantly and with the business logic-based approach, custom features can be added extremely quickly. With our web-based application, there is no added software to purchase ever.

AssetLink hardware is highly modular and can be customized for nearly any business logic requirement.  The AssetVision portal is equally modular and works in concert with AssetLink hardware to translate events in the field to usable information for operations.

  • Custom Alerts
  • Online Account Management
  • Direct Data Feeds and Web Services
  • Simple Data Display
  • Convenient Information Deliver