AssetLink provides a series of hardware product lines, each built on a common, versatile core.  This common core is highly flexible and modular, so that firmware and quick part select hardware changes can be made in a matter of days to customize the performance of the devices to exactly what is needed by the end user. 

Each suite works with a different communications network and has different Input/Output capabilities for sensors and local data connections.  We are always adding new network systems to our arsenal to respond to new customer needs.

Our current network offerings include multiple satellite networks (Globalstar and Iridium), GSM and hybrid satellite-cellular. 

  View AP3 Factsheet

View AP3 Factsheet


The AssetPack-3 (AP3) global satellite tracker is a highly versatile, low cost of ownership two-way asset tracking and sensor monitoring solution, designed for frequent two-way communication with unpowered assets. Using the Iridium satellite network, the AP3 is a completely enclosed, self-contained, waterproof, dustproof, fully-ruggedized solution that enables pinpoint monitoring of any fixed or mobile asset anywhere on the ground, at sea, or in the air. Available in solar/line power or hard-line only options, the battery lasts the lifetime of most industrial equipment. For applications beyond GPS, it can be rapidly configured to monitor a wide range of analog and digital sensors and inputs.  Its fully two-way communication capability supports over-the-air commands to change reporting behavior or manage machinery.



The SensorLink product suite is a flexible, Iridium-based sensor and data monitoring gateway that enables monitoring of a bank of nearly any industrial analog or digital sensor anywhere in the world. SensorLink is designed to have the ultimate in sensor flexibility, accommodating powered and unpowered analog and digital sensors as well as RS485.  It provides up to 10W sensor power with regulated sensor voltage from 0-33V for each sensor input.  The inputs are separately configurable in software for each sensor, with no custom programming required.   Threshold and rate of change alarms are easily set for each sensor, along with sensor fault messages.  Extensive lightning and surge suppression is embedded in each segment of the device for use in extreme environments.